Saturday, 28 July 2007

Jet Lag!

So we're home from the round the world tour and suffering quite badly from jet lag. It seems to have hit both johnny and I quite hard as we are waking up in the middle of the night and having to fall asleep in the middle of the day but it is all worth it as the trip was amazing!! We can't quite believe it is all over and things are back to normal so fast.

Everyone keeps asking me what the highlight of our trip was and I have a lot of trouble deciding! The general experience of the whole thing-seeing and discovering different cultures, laughing and sharing with our friends, eating interesting and lovely food was amazing and I can't choose one particular thing or place.

The first stop in Hong Kong was definitely one of the highlights for me as it was just so different. The size of it, the amount of people, the food and the smells!!
my favourite thing there was definitely the symphony
of lights show at night-spectacular!

Next was Sydney. My strongest memory from here is how cold it was!! we knew it was goning to be their winter but it was properly freezing!! Despite that, I really enjoyed eating out down at the harbour side as the food was great and we had some great nights together. My highlight on this part was definitely feeding kangaroos and getting to stroke them! they were so soft!!

On to Auckland where it was still pretty cold but not as bad! I think all of us really enjoyed our time in Rotorura, where we had a smelly but enjoyable mud bath together, rolled down a hill in a big inflatable ball (brilliant!!) and spent some time with our tour guide Amy, Bec's friend, who was lovely!

The only word I can use to describe Fiji is paradise
. It was beautiful. Warm and sunny, with amazing
snorkelling, cocktails, and spa treatments!! I loved it!

Finally we stopped in LA where we had dinner with my great aunt who was delighted to see us and where we spent all our savings for the trip, shopping!! I was particularly shocked by Johnny who seemed in his element and shopped til he dropped!!

All in all, an amazing time of fun, discovery, relaxation (sometimes), and great times with great friends!