Wednesday, 30 May 2007


There are a lot of very talented people in this world and it is one of the things I admire most in people-their talent. it seems that many people can make a lot of money from their talent (many who aren't talented make a lot of money too!) and I wonder why everyone is not similarly talented in a particular field? For instance, at school, I was good at most things but never outstanding at any one particular thing, and I always wanted to be. I always wished my mum had sent me to dance classes or gymnastics from I was very little and then I'd be amazing at it, but if she'd done that, I'd have missed out on the amazing childhood I had. And still I find that I am good at most things, but have nothing now that I'm particular talented at. I will become a teacher when I graduate in July, and I enjoy it and am reasonably good at it but I'm not amazing-I'm never gonna win teacher of the year!!I suppose it is possible that people like me have a more subtle talent, not maybe a talent like being an accomplished writer, actor, singer, sports player but a gifting of the spirit? and it is then up to me to nurture that gift I've been blessed with by firstly discovering what it might be and then developing it and trying to figure out why I was blessed with it. I have tried to discover mine and will continue to do so, although sometimes it can be difficult to talk about what you think your good at, or ask others, without them thinking your fishing for compliments!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The perfect body?

I have been thinking about this a lot recently. does it even exist? is it in the eye of the beholder? what was God's vision of the perfect body? I don't want to sound like a teen girls magazine writer but the media does dictate to us about how we should feel about our bodies. I don't know anyone who is completely happy with their body type-I'm certainly not! (marriage is wonderful but i'm using it as the reason why i'm the heaviest I've ever been-apparently it's because I am 'content'!) I accept the shape I am and that's ok but I do wonder about Adam and Eve and what their body shape would have been as the perfect body, and when they had children what their body shapes would have been. There are hundreds of different body types in the world that have nothing to do with how much fat people have, it's just their shape-are they all perfect?or is the strive to be thinner so obsessive for some because it is in fact the perfect body shape?I hope not!!I know that people should be happy about their body shape and this should be promoted especially amongst children but what about the well used discussion on our bodies being temples? should we be careful about what we put in and on them?I think we should look after our bodies to allow ourselves to be fully effective vessels. How can we achieve our potential if we don't have the energy to do stuff or if we're always sick cos we don't eat the right stuff? that does not mean I'm good at looking after my body-sadly I abuse it everyday! but I have just been wondering on what God sees as the perfect body. At whom does he look at on the outside (if he even does) and think 'that's perfection'?

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Living the Dream

So this summer I am heading away with Johnny, Steve & Bec on our crash tour around the globe! It is now less than 8 weeks, so we are saving like mad, doing car boot sales and the boys have even being laying paving to raise extra cash to help fund the 'living the dream world tour.'

We fly from Belfast to London, London to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Sydney, Sydney to Auckland, Auckland to Fiji, Fiji to Los Angeles and then home again. It's gonna be crazy, all those flights and stops in just over three weeks.

Most of all I am excited about visiting Devenport, a small quaint village which has the world's largest ice cream.