Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Living the Dream

So this summer I am heading away with Johnny, Steve & Bec on our crash tour around the globe! It is now less than 8 weeks, so we are saving like mad, doing car boot sales and the boys have even being laying paving to raise extra cash to help fund the 'living the dream world tour.'

We fly from Belfast to London, London to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Sydney, Sydney to Auckland, Auckland to Fiji, Fiji to Los Angeles and then home again. It's gonna be crazy, all those flights and stops in just over three weeks.

Most of all I am excited about visiting Devenport, a small quaint village which has the world's largest ice cream.


Johnny said...

nice blog wifey! you are so sexy!

Love you!

p.s. Devonport sounds amazin! Does it really have the biggest ice cream in the world?

Bec McCready said...

I can't wait for the world's largest ice-cream... do you know if it comes in a cone or can you get a tub of it. I'm up for the ice-cream bit, as long as it doesn't come in the world's largest cone, cos I don't like cones!! love you x